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  • Cats have minds of their own. Trouble is, they don’t have budgets of their own. Petplan pet health insurance can help you avoid any, shall we say, pet health ‘cat-astrophes.’ With a Petplan Canada cat insurance plan, you get comprehensive coverage for all accidents and illnesses – for all of your cat’s nine lives.* From veterinary office visits in British Columbia to Nova Scotia or even the U.S. and diagnostic testing to surgery and rehabilitation, your cats are Covered for Life* with the best pet insurance. Which is important, since your cat deserves nothing less.
  • As pet parents, we’re committed to helping our pets put their best paw forward, whether hiking in Alberta or catching a nap at home in Saskatchewan. But while our dogs can inherit our love for long walks around Manitoba, they’re more likely to inherit costly health conditions. Petplan's simple, affordable dog insurance provides full coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions as standard*, and total protection against any unforeseen accidents.  With Petplan, North America's best-loved pet insurance, the whole family can stay healthy, wealthy and wise. 
  • From nose to tail, our premium protection empowers pet parents to get their dogs and cats the treatment they deserve. All Petplan animal health insurance policies include coverage for:

    • - illnesses and injuries 
    • - hereditary and chronic conditions
    • - veterinary exam fees
    • - prescription medications
    • - diagnostic treatments and imaging
    • - cancer treatments
    • - alternative therapies
    • - and more! 

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We’re rated 9.2 out of 10 on PetInsuranceReview.com where over 2,259 pet parents have barked about us! Here’s just a snapshot:

10/10Outstanding Pet Insurance with no hassles!!!

Our dog was diagnosed with an aggressive pulmonary melanoma. It was recommended he have surgery and chemo treatment. Without it, his expected life span would be 6 months or less. Our decision was easy because we had pet insurance. Petplan was amazing. Every single person I spoke with at Petplan was so caring and well informed. We were reimbursed close to $10K that year. Thank you Petplan for your exceptional service!

Lorraine Kerr