We’re pet people.

We love the feeling of a cold, wet dog nose nudging the crook of our elbow. And we could play a game of ribbon dancer with our cats for hours. But this isn’t about us and our love for our pets. It’s about you and your love for yours.

At Petplan, we take care of people who take care of their pets.

Because you don’t need us to take care of your pet. You take care of your pet. You take amazing care of your pet. And you have the pics, videos and holiday cards to prove it.

Petplan is here to take care of you. The human. The holder of all the treats. The collector of all the poops.

Because we know you would do anything to keep your pet happy and healthy. But having a big heart shouldn’t mean having to struggle with big vet bills. And that’s where we come in.

Put simply, Petplan makes vet bills affordable.

We cover everything we possibly can. We’ve pushed our coverage so far that our lawyers are no longer talking to us. Exam fees. Done. Every tooth in your pet’s mouth. Done. Acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Done and done. (Seriously.) Because if your pet needs it, we want them to have it.

Yes, we do this for your pet. But we also do it for you. We want you to be able to focus on being your pet’s biggest fan and greatest protector. Let us worry about the vet bills.

Let us protect you the way you protect your pet.

Hopefully you never need us. But we promise to be here if you do.

The Team

Check out some of our team members' favorite family members. (Husbands, wives and human children, if you’re reading this, we’re definitely probably kidding.)

Courtney Algeo

Oreo + Kit Kat’s Mom +
Senior Vice President of Underwriting

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Darryl Catts

Bella + Daisy + Copper’s Dad +
Chief Information Officer

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Clay Fisher

Chief Revenue Officer

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John Giannuzzi

Winston’s Dad + Chairman of the Board

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Akash Gupta

Chief Strategy & Analytics Officer

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Paul Guyardo

Huncho’s Dad + President & CEO

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Ryan Heron

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

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Samantha McKinnon

Franklin's Mom + VP of Brand and Creative

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Emily Paffet

Snickers’ Mom + Director of People & Culture

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David Zollenberg

ZsaZsa’s Dad + Chief Financial Officer

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The Numbers


years of helping pet parents protect their cats & dogs


pets covered by Petplan


offices – NYC (HQ) & Winnipeg


team members


pet parents at Petplan


allergic to cats & dogs*

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Our Shelter Partners

In addition to supporting shelters through pet insurance education, Petplan is proud to have given more than C$1.3 million to shelters across North America. Through these exclusive partnerships, we’re able to get cats and dogs covered on the same day they meet their forever family.

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