In search of a dog that could keep up with his adventures, Calvin found his perfect match: a sweet and gentle Black Labrador named Galena. By the age of two, Galena had successfully earned her search and rescue certification and maintained her status by training regularly in the wilderness. Her comfort in the Canadian woods made Galena the perfect companion for outdoor recreation, too.

November was early in the skiing season, but both Calvin and Galena were eager to hit the local ski hill. Although the ski lift prohibits dogs, that didn’t stop the two from hiking to the top and racing down. That is, until tragedy struck.

Galena stopped in front of Calvin before he had time to stop his one ski from cutting the Black Lab’s left hind leg. Scooping his forty-pound, injured pup in his arms, Calvin hurried off the mountain to seek immediate medical attention.

His trusted veterinarian referred the two to an orthopedic surgeon vet, where they were told Galena had severed her Achilles tendon and would require immediate surgery.

With a costly surgery looming, Calvin was thankful he insured his pet so young, saying, “Stuff happens to dogs in general, it made sense to have insurance.”

It’s a good thing, too. Galena’s treatment and anti-anxiety medications totaled $6,300!

How did pet insurance help Galena get back on the slopes?

As Calvin quickly discovered, pet insurance can mean the difference in getting the best care.

“In Canada, it’s easy to forget how much treatment costs – there’s a lot you don’t have to pay for as a human. You go in, give them your insurance card and walk out.”

But in this way, human healthcare and veterinary care differ in Canada, making it all the more necessary to be prepared with comprehensive pet insurance.

“It’s not just for you, but for your pet. A lot of pets get subpar care or put down because their parents can’t afford the care.”

Thankfully, Calvin was able to move forward with the necessary surgery since he knew he would be reimbursed up to 90%.

And when it came to filing his claim with Petplan, “Everything was straightforward in terms of coverage.”

Once the necessary paperwork was submitted online, Calvin received $2,177 in reimbursement! Today, Galena and Calvin are exploring together with the peace of mind that only Petplan pet insurance can offer.

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Jan 2, 2020

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