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pet fire safety tips
February 11, 2020
Did you know that 500,000 pets are affected by fires every year?* In fact, 1,000 of those pets accidentally caused the fire itself!** We’re taking a closer look at preventative steps you can take to…
How To Get Pet Insurance - Tips, Tricks & Advice
February 6, 2020
Looking for a pet insurance policy can be overwhelming as there are numerous providers and policy types, not to mention all the fine print to review! The tips below will help guide you through the…
can dogs eat mangos? can cats eat mangos?
February 4, 2020
Juicy, tropical mangos are a refreshing snack and superfood that contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals! A great source of vitamin A, C and B6, the nutritional powerhouse also brings…
pet insurance review: cherokee the mixed breed dog
January 28, 2020
Wanting to add to their home, John and his wife Dawn adopted Cherokee from The Humane Society when she was just four months old. Affectionately referred to as “Cherry,” the now 10-year-old dog is so…
does pet insurance cover blood tests?
January 23, 2020
Diagnostic testing, such as blood tests, provides veterinarians with important information about how well a pet’s body is functioning internally. Blood tests are usually the vet’s first recommended…
thanksgiving treat recipes for pets
January 21, 2020
Roving noses may encourage you to slip a scrap or two from the table, but our rich, fatty foods can lead to health issues such as pancreatitis or food poisoning in our dogs and cats. When it comes…