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From the clinic to the dog park and beyond, Petplan's vet experts break pet health advice down into byte-sized bites.

two young children playing with kitten | benefits of kitten insurance
November 12, 2019
What’s not to love about kittens? Their tiny noses, fuzzy paws and affectionate nature make us want to cuddle with them all day, but their high energy and independent ways could give any pet parent…
Petplan pet insurance review | Sydney the Pit Bull
November 4, 2019
With her heart set on adopting a Pit Bull, Mally was thrilled to offer Sydney her home. From hiking the endless mountains in Colorado to running around the backyard, the pup relished time outside…
How much does a vet visit cost for sick dog?
November 1, 2019
All pets are at risk for developing illnesses and injuries. In fact, illness is the third most common reason for a pet to see a veterinarian.* Unfortunately, many pet owners are not prepared for the…
Cataracts in dogs | Does pet insurance cover cataract surgery?
October 29, 2019
Are your pet’s eyes looking a little cloudy? It could be the lens thickening with age, but it could be something more serious. Here, we give you a peek into the world of veterinary ophthalmology by…
Veterinary ophthalmologist | pet insurance that covers veterinary specialty care
October 23, 2019
Specialty pet care has been around for years, yet many pet parents are still not familiar with what it is or how it works. Seeking specialty care can play an integral role in your pet’s health, but…
puppy recovering from spaying
October 15, 2019
Fixed. Spayed. Neutered. No matter what you call it, chances are your veterinarian has recommended the procedure for your family’s newest addition. While pet parents view neutering as a rite of…