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From the clinic to the dog park and beyond, Petplan's vet experts break pet health advice down into byte-sized bites.

COVID-19 In Cats | cat perched on floor looking at camera
April 23, 2020
Recently, two cats in New York tested positive for coronavirus, making them the first pets in the US affected. This has naturally raised concern for many families, so we’ve compiled the latest…
COVID-19 and pets FAQS | Veterinarian Q&A
April 22, 2020
You asked, our experts answered!  We asked our members, “What are your pet parent concerns during COVID-19?”. Below our on-staff veterinarians and vet techs answer the most frequently asked…
Pet Insurance: When Can I Claim? | man on computer filing a pet insurance claim with corgi sitting on his lap
April 21, 2020
Whether you just enrolled your furry family member in pet insurance or you had your first unexpected vet visit, it’s not uncommon to be confused when it comes to filing a claim. In short, you can…
pet readiness kit
April 15, 2020
During these uncertain times, we are fortunate to have our pets for comfort. It’s important to keep pets entertained during this quarantine and to have a plan in place in case you or a family member…
does pet insurance cover routine care? | happy dog with vet in exam room
April 14, 2020
Pet insurance protects your pet – and your wallet – from new accidents and injuries. With their focus on the unexpected expenses, insurance plans do not cover routine care or wellness. The belief is…
does pet insurance cover declawing? | cat getting nails trimmed by veterinarian
April 9, 2020
For a long time, declawing cats seemed to be the solution to stop undesirable behavior. But this surgical procedure, which is not covered by cat insurance providers, is starting to become a…