where science meets hope: the mission of the morris animal foundation

Posted by Morris Animal Foundation on Dec 24 2013

If you've been a Petplan policyholder for some time, you have probably heard of the Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization Petplan supports. To help you understand why Petplan's leaders are so dedicated to the mission of MAF, I'd like to give you all a little primer on how the organization was founded and why we work so hard to do what we do.

Much has changed in veterinary medicine since Morris Animal Foundation’s founder, Mark Morris Sr., DVM, entered the veterinary scene. In 1928, Dr. Morris took the revolutionary step of opening one of the first hospitals exclusively for treating small companion animals.

At the time, veterinarians spent their days traveling to area farms to see dairy cows and pigs, not pets. Veterinary medicine for companion animals was almost nonexistent as was research into diseases affecting dogs and cats. One of the best sources of new information was pharmaceutical salesmen, who provided case histories of new drugs that were proving effective. Clearly, this wasn’t the most efficient way to learn about new treatments.

Dr. Morris noted that veterinarians needed “to work on some means of doing the research ourselves if there ever are to be major breakthroughs in the treatment of small animal ailments.” He did just that when he founded Morris Animal Foundation in 1948.

As Morris Animal Foundation celebrates its 65th anniversary this year, our nonprofit Foundation remains veterinary focused. It invests millions of dollars each year to improving pain management options, surgical techniques, anesthesia protocols and diagnostic imaging for animal patients. Our work is discovering new ways to diagnose, treat and cure diseases affecting cats, dogs, horses and wildlife. This information is then shared with veterinarians to help you continually improve the excellent care they provide to your family pets.

Those of us at the Foundation, and those who support our mission, believe that scientific discoveries will bring about a world in which animals lead healthy lives. We have a thirst for knowledge that leads to new information that will improve the quality of life for animals. We recognize that animals suffer from disease and illness, and we strive to shed light on these issues and to make the world a brighter place for animals and those that care about them.

I invite you to learn more about Morris Animal Foundation and discover the place where science meets hope!