the best dog breeds for apartments

the best dog breeds for apartments
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Jan 07 2020

Your urban dwellings shouldn’t stop you from the joys of having a dog. However, you should carefully consider your lifestyle, space and the needs of the dog before selecting a furry family member.

What dogs are best for apartments?

Contrary to popular belief, a certain square footage doesn’t limit you to small dog breeds. Depending on the amount of time you can reserve for outdoor play, some medium and large breeds could work for your home, too. Keep in mind that living with a high-energy, very active breed of any size will be very challenging if not given the exercise needed!

Make sure you check with your landlord and renters insurance policy regarding breed restrictions. Some complexes prohibit certain breeds or dogs of a certain weight for upper floors. Then consider the route your dog will have to take to go potty. Do you live on the top floor? Is the elevator a long wait? Are the stairs conducive for the dog you have in mind?

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Finally, do your research when it comes to the breed. Avoid overly vocal dogs as they could rub your neighbors the wrong way or worse, get you evicted. Instead, look for an easygoing breed that tends to be friendly and easy to train – this will help with those chance encounters in the lobby or hallway.

From quietest to most adaptable, these breeds grace the top of our list for best apartment dogs.

Quiet dog breeds

dog laying on couch with blanket

Pug: Pugs were bred for companionship, meaning they typically have a laid-back and affectionate nature that doesn't manifest in barking.

Other quiet dog breeds include:

Best dogs for small spaces

Dachshund playing in living room

Dachshund: Due to their small size, Dachshunds don’t require much living space, but they do tend to be energetic and require daily exercise.

Other breeds that are best for small spaces include:

Easy to housetrain dogs

border collie laying on couch

Border Collie: Border Collies are highly intelligent and obedient, making this active breed eager to learn.

Other breeds that are easy to housetrain include:

Friendliest dog breeds

golden retriever laying in bed

Golden Retriever: The Golden Retriever’s intelligent, loyal and eager-to-please attitude make this breed a family favorite.

Other friendly breeds include:

Most adaptable dog breeds

Poodle resting on pillow

Standard Poodle: With its intelligent, calm and friendly nature, the Standard Poodle is a popular choice for people of all walks of life. Best of all? This easy-to-train breed tends to be adaptable to a variety of living spaces, including your apartment!

Other easily adaptable breeds include:

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