can dogs eat oranges? it's a vitamin c-erious question!

Are oranges good for dogs or deadly?
Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Oct 24 2014

There’s zero debate in the vet and pet-owner community about whether vitamin C has a paws-itive benefit for dogs: it does! But can dogs eat oranges to get their vitamin C fix, or should you stick to feeding your furball vitamin-enhanced dog foods or supplements?

Are oranges safe for dogs?

If you’re a whole foods fanatic, the answer will have you panting with pleasure: yes, dogs can eat oranges! However, vets suggest using moderation when feeding your barking buddy this vitamin-rich wonder-fruit. Oranges are high in citric acid, which can bother dogs with sensitive digestive systems – if you have a generally pukey or poopy pup, it may be best to steer clear. They also contain a lot of sugar: not ideal if Woofy is overweight or prefers snoozing on the sofa to dashing around the yard.

Orange peels are also bad news. The higher concentration of citric acid in orange peels is unhealthy for canines and humans alike, so please peel away before feeding Fido.

And what about friends and cousins of the orange? Can dogs eat clementines, tangerines or mandarin oranges? We say yes – and the same rules as the Florida standard apply.

Bottom line: oranges and their citrus siblings make drool-worthy, vitamin-packed treats, but a little bit goes a long way. Serving just one or two sections of peeled fruit a day will more than suffice.

Orange you glad you asked?

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