try this icy recipe to keep dogs cool

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Posted by Petplan pet insurance on Aug 11 2016





Many dogs love crunching on ice cubes, especially on a scorching day – but is it safe? You may have heard that giving dogs ice or ice water can cause bloat, and while there’s evidence that rapid ingestion of food or water could put dogs at risk, ice cubes alone probably aren’t going to cause it. If your canine is craving a cool crunch, it’s absolutely safe to offer one or two.


On a hot day, break out Dr. Ernie Ward’s recipe for Cooldown Cubers below as a refreshing treat for piping pooches.


Cooldown Cubers


1-2 cups banana, blueberries, celery, cucumbers, kiwi, mango, pear, strawberries or watermelon

Water, as needed



Choose two to four “cooling” foods from the list of ingredients. Purée them in a blender or food processor, adding water as needed to make a slurry consistency. Freeze in ice trays for individual servings.

Some vets warn that large ice cubes could chip teeth, so try breaking the cubes into smaller chunks to protect your pet’s pearly whites.

How do you help your furry friend stay cool during the dog days? Share your ideas in the comments below!