foster cat room opens at petplan headquarters

Posted by Petplan pet insurance on Nov 13 2015
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When the top dogs at Petplan designed the office expansion – which debuted to the press last week – they added one thing you’re not likely to find anywhere else in the city: an on-site Foster Cat Pad.

Petplan has long been a supporter of the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), which is the city’s largest no-kill animal shelter. After years of participating in Mutt Struts and sponsoring PAWS’ Chefs’ Dinner, Petplan co-founders and co-CEOs Chris and Natasha Ashton decided they wanted to do something more. Their desire to make a direct impact on the lives of homeless animals in the region inspired the idea for an in-office micro-shelter that would house adoptable kittens.

Petplan pitched the idea to PAWS earlier this year, and they were delighted with the idea and the design of the foster room. Their first three kittens – Troy, Athena and Helen – moved into their new digs on Thursday, November 5, and are some of Petplan’s most popular four-legged officemates.

(left to right): Helen, Athena & Troy

The kittens are cared for by Petplan’s own Kitten Care Team, employees who have volunteered their time to manage feeding and cleaning. Just days after launching the Foster Cat Pad, all three kittens are in the process of being adopted (PAWS is reviewing applications), and once they move on to forever homes, Petplan will welcome three more feline friends into the fold.

By fostering kittens on-site at Petplan headquarters, the company is helping to free up space at area PAWS shelters, so they can rescue more of Philadelphia’s homeless pets. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

If you’re interested in fostering a shelter pet, contact your local animal organization. Most of them post applications to become a volunteer or foster parent on their website, and there’s always a need for people to take in animals who may not do well in a shelter environment (like very young puppies and kittens, elderly pets, and pets with health conditions). If you’re looking to get your company involved in supporting a local animal shelter, contact their Corporate Giving Officer or Volunteer Coordinator for ways to help!

Photographs by Peter Olson.