pet wellness month: advice for keeping pets healthy

Papillon dog in field of flowers | Pet Wellness Month
Posted by Dr. Kim Smyth on Oct 03 2011

October is National Pet Wellness Month, which means that it’s time to remind ourselves of the motto “Twice a Year, For Life!”. That’s right - because our pets age five to seven times faster than we do, it’s important to have them examined twice a year, especially when they are over seven years old.

National Pet Wellness Month not only serves as our reminder to schedule those twice a year wellness exams (sick exams don’t count!), but is also the time to think about how disease prevention and pet health insurance can help our pets live a long, full and happy life.

Why wellness visits are important

Dogs and cats can hide illness well, which is a good thing if they’re wild animals, as they need to trick predators who tend to prey on sick, injured, or weak animals into thinking that they are healthy. But tricking us into thinking that they’re not sick doesn’t bode well for anyone.

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Twice a year vet visits allow a veterinarian to look specifically for illness that your pet may be trying to hide. By detecting, treating and preventing problems before they become life-threatening, we can extend the life of your favorite four-legged family member.

Finally, National Pet Wellness Month encourages owners to consider pet health insurance. Having the right pet health insurance policy can help a life or death situation turn out for the best. With the advancement of veterinary medicine, the cost of treating a sick or injured pet can easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Knowing that you can afford veterinary care saves you from having to make tough decisions regarding giving your best friend the best care possible.

Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month by giving your pets the best care. Schedule your semi-annual exams this month to detect and prevent illness, and review your pet health insurance policy to make sure it fits the bill! And of course, like any other month, shower your furry babies with hugs and kisses!

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