advice for making a kitten proof plan at home

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Jan 17 2016


How could anything so tiny and cute get into so much trouble? Kittens can be high-maintenance, but they’re well worth the investment of your time and love. “That’s all well can good,” you say,” but how can I keep this little furball safe when I’m at work?” For a fast, easy kitten-proofing plan, follow along:

Electric personalities: Protect your kitten from the dangers of domestic electricity by securing cords with pet-safe cord protectors and by using socket covers.

Delicates cycle: To kittens, an open laundry dryer looks like a warm, cozy place to nap. Be sure to keep the dryer door closed at all times.

Oh! de toilette: Thirsty kittens might try to sip from the toilet and lose their balance. To prevent missteps, keep you kitten’s water bowl filled and the toilet seat down.

Falling for you: Petplan receives heartbreaking pet insurance claims for kittens who get seriously hurt after falling from open windows, or even internal balconies. Keep all windows closed or well-screened and open balcony railings blocked off.

Curtain call: Kittens live to bat at strings, cords, anything hanging in reach. Help prevent falls and even strangulation by keeping window blind cords and curtains off limits to kitty.