top docs: veterinarian of the year award nominees

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Nov 08 2013
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The Petplan Veterinary Awards seek to honor veterinary professionals who go above and beyond to provide pets with an exceptional level of health care – and their parents with exemplary customer service. In short, they celebrate the best in the business of healing furry friends.

One of the most exciting awards each year is the Veterinarian of the Year award, which lets happy pet parents pay tribute to the doctors who go above and beyond as partners in their pets’ health. So what makes a great vet? Read the following nominations to learn what pet parents pick as the most award-worthy characteristics of their family vet – and nominate your favorite veterinarian today!

Dr. Greg Maynard, Crossroads Animal Hospital, Bastrop TX
“Two years ago, Bastrop, TX, experienced the biggest fire in the state of Texas. (It was the third largest fire in the history of the U.S.) Dr. Maynard worked around the clock on burned animals, not leaving his office for days to save and heal the wounds of animals – regardless if they were his patients. (I would have written in two years ago, but wasn't a member of Petplan then.) Please acknowledge Dr. Maynard. He is so deserving, and I am so honored and proud he has been my vet for over six years, since I moved to Bastrop. I know his kindness first hand. He saved one of my cats by healing his burned paws. When I found out my cat was alive, and in the care of Dr. Maynard, I was so happy. When I picked up my cat I cried with joy. Many, many others did too. Dr. Maynard did not even charge the owners of the pets! I would not trust my animals to any other vet, if I don't have to, and again, I can't say or write enough good things about Dr. Maynard. Thank you very much!” - Nancy M., Bastrop, TX

Dr. Richard Suess, Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates, Richmond VA
“My 5-year-old Doberman, Kona, has had a lick granuloma on her front paw for 3+ years. After seeing multiple specialists and unsuccessfully attempting numerous treatments and medications, we were referred to Dr. Suess to amputate her paw's weight-bearing toes. As bad as amputation would be, Kona also suffers from a spinal disease called Wobblers. This causes her legs to be unstable, making it difficult for her to get around. Amputation of the weight-bearing toes would have made this much harder on her (keeping her from using stairs, etc., meaning she wouldn't be able to spend as much time with us). Rather than opting for the expensive surgery, Dr. Suess showed genuine compassion and care for Kona's life. Knowing what losing her toes would mean, he prescribed an alternative therapy (shock-wave), as well as a more proactive recovery regimen. Thanks to that (and to Petplan for covering the bills), the wound is healed, and she's leaving it alone for the first time since she was a puppy.” – Joshua C., Glen Allen VA

Dr. Janis Shinkawa, Ohana Pet Hospital, Ventura, CA
“Dr. Jan is the best vet we've ever had for our dog Scamp. Since moving to a new town, we were reserved about finding a new vet. Thank goodness Dr. Jan was there for us. Scamp had a ruptured anal gland and inhaled some sea water all in the same few months, and we were stressed out for him! But our wonderful vet helped us work through it, following up with phone calls, a free visit/checkup when we had to take him to the emergency vet, and even offering alternative medications and healing options. We never feel forced to do one thing; she gives us options and educates us to make the best choice that we feel matches our dog. She always appreciates our questions so we can continue to learn from her. With Dr. Jan, it’s not about making money, but truly the health of her clients' pets. She goes far above and beyond to make sure she is thorough and educates her clients as well so there aren't a bunch of return visits. We are truly blessed, and so is Scamp!” – Tara E., Oxnard CA

Dr. Brandy Mauel Fay, Chehalis Centralia Vet Hospital, Chehalis WA
“Dr. Fay is extremely involved in animal welfare in our community. She hosts an annual ‘Dog Days in the Park,’ raising community awareness and educating people about animal health and welfare and available related programs. She does work on her own to raise funds for a program she started to help animals who come in off the streets with health issues to pay for their care and ‘re-home’ them if necessary. She is definitely the best animal care-giver I've ever had in my 46 years of raising animals. She is involved in a program called the ‘Almost Home Project’ and the ‘Cat's Meow of L.C’ which takes feral cats from the streets, gets them ‘fixed’ and vaccinated, and moves them on to the Almost Home Project to find new homes. When I had to have my elderly dog euthanized, she sat right next to me, holding my hand and comforting me and my dog and helped me to let me dog go. Dr. Fay is a true hero in our community for our pets and I love her for it. I think she deserves this award!” –Charlene Roberts, Mossyrock WA

Check back next week for Practice Manager of the Year picks – and don’t forget to nominate your favorite veterinary professional today! Nominations will close November 15th.