why should i get pet insurance?

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Posted by fetch! blog editors on Dec 18 2018

Why should I get pet insurance? How much does pet insurance cost? Is pet insurance worth it? When new furry family members join a household, many pet owners face these practical questions for the first time.

Few things in life can match the excitement and joy of adopting a new pet, but the financial responsibilities of pet ownership can be overwhelming for some families, particularly if a pet suffers from a medical condition. Every family’s situation is unique, but there are some great reasons to get quality pet insurance that apply to virtually every pet parent.

Pet insurance protects your pets

This is what pet insurance is all about: helping pet parents get the best care available for their sick or injured pets. Even with regular health checkups and wellness treatments, one out of every three pets needs unexpected veterinary care each year1, and pet insurance policyholders with pets less than one year old are 2.5 times more likely to submit a claim for an unexpected injury or illness2. Pet insurance can help you pay for unforeseen veterinary expenses so your pets can get the treatment they need without creating a financial hardship for your family.

Pet insurance protects your budget

Veterinary medicine can work wonders for your pets, but the cost of some treatments can rival the expense of human health care. For example, the average bill to treat a pet for intervertebral disc disease in 2017 was $2,320 according to Petplan claims data. Chronic conditions that last for 12 months or more, such as cancer and diabetes, account for 30 to 40 percent of all pet insurance claims and may cost tens of thousands of dollars each year to treat.

While many pet parents are committed to paying whatever it takes to give their pets the best quality of life possible, sudden vet bills can strain family budgets. Too often, families without pet insurance are forced to make hard choices about their pets’ health based on financial considerations; pet insurance enables you to make decisions based on what’s best for your pet without worrying about the cost. The predictable premiums and defined benefits that pet insurance provides can help guard your budget against the challenge of unexpected veterinary expenses.

Insuring your pet is the caring and responsible thing to do

Chances are that your entire family has health insurance, and for good reason; healthcare costs can be staggering, but insurance is designed to help you and your loved ones afford the care you need. But what about insurance for your four-legged family members? In a national survey of pet owners conducted by Packaged Facts, 79 percent of dog owners and 77 percent of cat owners reported considering their pets to be part of the family, but only about two percent of pets in the United States are insured.

Pet insurance is important for the same reason that human health insurance is important: it protects the ones that you love by making top-notch healthcare affordable. When you adopt pets into your family, you willingly accept responsibility for their wellbeing, and they offer you their unconditional love in return. Pet insurance can help you keep up your end of the bargain.


Many pet insurance companies provide their members with fun, informative pet-related content, valuable discounts and special offers on pet products. Petplan, for example, offers a robust library of helpful, pet-focused blogs, articles and infographics with information from experienced veterinary professionals. By taking advantage of the free resources and extra perks that some pet insurance companies provide, you’ll be better equipped to keep your furry family happy and healthy.

Perhaps the most valuable reason to buy pet insurance is that it provides peace of mind from the knowledge that you’ll never have to say goodbye to a cherished pet simply because you can’t afford their medical care. A pet parent gets a veterinary bill for more than $1,000 every six seconds2, and with pet insurance, you’ll be prepared if it happens to you. Ultimately, pet insurance is the most convenient, economical way to protect the well-being of your furry family.

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2 according to Petplan claims data 

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