The simpler, easier way to file a claim.

Our one page claim form makes filing a claim for your pet's veterinary expenses quick and easy.

Brown dog writing a pet insurance claim
Brown dog writing a pet insurance claim

How to file a claim

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Start a claim

Log into your account online or with the Petplan app and fill out our one page claim form.

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Tell us what happened

Upload supporting documents and your claim will be reviewed by one of our licensed adjusters.

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Process & get paid

You'll be notified when your claim has been reviewed and your payment is on the way.

Claim Stats

Petplan helps you pay for vet bills for accidental injuries and illnesses. So you can choose the best veterinary care without worrying about the cost.

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Foreign body ingestion

Cost $1,342 - Petplan reimbursed $1,074

Ligament tear

Cost $1,074 - Petplan reimbursed $859

Broken tooth

Cost $850 - Petplan reimbursed $680

Ear infection

Cost $512 - Petplan reimbursed $410

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How Petplan claims are different

We also offer pre-authorization to give you financial peace of mind before you commit to an expensive treatment. Simply log into your account on the web or in the app and fill out a pre-authorization form.

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Enrolling is easy

Answer a few questions, and in minutes, you'll have a personalized quote.

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Petplan claims reviews

Carol S.

Carol S.

Oreo the Pomeranian

I received an email yesterday from Petplan that my claim has been processed, and a check has been mailed.  Petplan has more than exceeded my expectations not only with payments being sent in a prompt manner but also in the caring customer service.

Allory B.

Allory B.

Lazlo the mixed breed

I didn’t want to be in that situation where I had to choose between his life and money. I was expecting Petplan to push back on some of what I filed for, but they didn’t. It was a pretty seamless process, too.

How we handle claims

Our licensed claims adjusters are also fully-trained veterinary professionals. So we speak your vet's language—helping to process your claim quickly and accurately, reimbursing you the fullest amount possible.

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Processing paperwork

Claims are reviewed within one business day. Providing your claim form is completed and signed, and we have all the supporting paperwork, your claim will be forwarded to our licensed adjusters for assessment.

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Assessing your claim

One of our licensed adjusters will review your claim. If we’re missing any supporting materials, we'll let you know. Unsigned claim forms, missing invoices and incomplete medical records could delay the processing of your claim.

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Paying your claim

We'll notify you once your claim has been processed. For approved claims, we'll apply any copay and deductible and then process your reimbursement. If you haven't met your deductible, approved claims will be applied to your deductible.

Simple & fast

Just like our claims process, enrolling your pet is quick and easy. Answer a few questions and you'll have a personalized quote in minutes.

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