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Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle was first bred in Germany as a water retriever. Its characteristic fanciful coif was designed to help it move through the water – hair puffs left on the body protected organs and joints from the cold.

The Standard Poodle is highly intelligent, second in the dog world only to the Border Collie. For this reason, the Standard Poodle excels at obedience training. Because they are thinkers, they need to be mentally and physically occupied or they tend to become a bit mischievous! This breed is particularly good with children, showing the patience and restraint needed to be a good playmate. The Standard Poodle sheds minimally, making it a good choice for allergic owners. Due to its continuously growing hair coat, it needs regular grooming and clipping.

Although they are highly intelligent, Standard Poodles are still prone to a number of hereditary and congenital conditions that can adversely affect their health – not to mention your budget. Some of the conditions and illnesses Standard Poodles are prone to include digestive problems such as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV or bloat); skin conditions such as sebaceous adenitis; immune disorders such as immune-mediated hemolytic anemia; eye problems such as cataracts; and hormonal deficiencies such as hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s disease).

Thankfully, Petplan pet insurance covers all hereditary and chronic conditions as standard. Which means if your Standard Poodle inherits more than just smarts, you’re covered.

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