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You can’t put a price on unconditional love.
But you can budget for it.

No matter how much we love and pamper our pets, each year one in three will fall ill or have an accident that requires an unexpected trip to the veterinarian.*

Household spending on veterinary care increased by about 90% in the period from 1997 to 2008.* And as veterinary medicine continues to advance, those numbers are expected to rise. Pet insurance can help you budget for these unexpected vet costs.

For those of you wondering about pet insurance cost, the illustration below shows some of the actual conditions and costs for claims reimbursed by Petplan in the past: 

To help you understand how Petplan would reimburse you following a claim, here's an example based on an actual Petplan pet insurance claim:

Petplan policy with 90% reimbursement
and $250 deductible
Claim for Blanco, a Bichon Frise with diabetes  $5,000
10% co-pay
 - $500
 - $250
Total reimbursement

With Petplan, there are no benefit schedules - just straightforward reimbursement based on your actual veterinary costs.*

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