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Got pet health questions for our vets? Ask them here.

As pet parents, we want to make sure we always provide our pets with the best possible care. But knowing how to recognise potential health concerns in our beloved four-legged family members can sometimes feel daunting.


That's why our team of vets regularly provides pet health advice to members of the Petplan family and beyond, both online and in fetch!, our award-winning quarterly magazine. So if you've got a question you'd like our vets to answer, submit it here and if it's selected, we'll answer your question in fetch! magazine and post the answer below! 



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Recent advice:

“My four-year-old mixed breed, Jemima, eats grass like a lawnmower. Is there something wrong with her?
–Wanda M.

It seems like I get asked this on a weekly basis! Chances are that Jemima is just fine. My own dogs eat grass on a regular basis and they are perfectly healthy. 

Some dogs will eat grass in response to an upset stomach (I once saw a dog who ate grass obsessively end up with a serious gastrointestinal disease, but thankfully the vast majority of grazers I see are perfectly happy, healthy pets). If you think that Jemima's grass intake is exceptionally high, bring the behaviour to your veterinarian's attention and discuss appropriate next steps to keep her in optimum health. 

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