blizzard conditions

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When the snowflakes start falling, it’s not unusual to see “flurries” in your pet’s fur. Forced air heating coupled with low humidity in your home can make for one flaky pet. If dry, itchy winter skin is making your pet uncomfortable, check out these tips:


heal from the inside out

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to overall skin health and are especially helpful at soothing dry skin. Supplements can be found in many forms, and some pet foods also contain these healthy fats. Not all supplements are created equally, though, so be sure to ask your vet which is her favorite.


combat dry air

Using a humidifier in the rooms where your pet spends most of her time will add moisture to the air, keeping your pet’s skin (and yours!) from drying out.


change up your pet’s grooming schedule

Shampoos tend to dry out the skin, so consider cutting back (or cutting out) bathing for the winter. If you must bathe your pet, switch to a skin-calming shampoo, like one with colloidal oatmeal. In the winter, conditioners are a must. Choose a leave-on conditioner to hydrate the skin after shampooing and consider a leave-on spray conditioner for between bath times.


brush ‘em

Brushing your pet has so many positive benefits. Not only does it strengthen your bond, it distributes oils around your pet’s body, naturally soothing the skin.