a (furry) friend in need

Young kitten friend in need

As pet parents, we want the best for all pets, even if they don’t live under our roof. So what’s a pet lover to do when you see a pet in need? Whether lost or injured, different situations call for different actions.

lend a helping paw if:

The pet seems healthy and open to being approached. If you can’t find ID tags, take him to your vet, who can scan for a microchip.

You see a lost pet get injured and it’s safe to move her. Provide first aid and rush her to the nearest veterinary clinic. You may be financially responsible for treatment until the owners are found, but some clinics have Good Samaritan funds set up to help.

keep your distance and call your local animal control if:

The pet appears outwardly aggressive or disoriented.

The pet shows signs of illness, including drooling, coughing, vomiting, limping, stumbling or swollen/reddened eyes; sick pets could be carrying transmittable disease.

The pet is injured and cannot be safely moved.

Consider what you would want to happen should someone find your lost or injured pet — and above all, be safe!