just dew it

On a doggy wish-list, after a bottomless bowl of filet mignon or a fair shot at the next door neighbor’s pesky cat, your dog probably wishes for opposable thumbs. And, let’s face it, dew claws are no substitute. Not only are they worthless at opening treat bags and refrigerator doors, but they’re prone to painful tears, too. In fact, many vets recommend that dew claws be removed at spay or neuter to prevent future injuries, especially if they are particularly loose

If your dog is already fixed, don’t fear, you can help to prevent tears or pulls by making sure that your pup’s nails are nice and short. If your dog does happen to get a dew claw injury, don’t worry too much; although it may bleed a lot, it’s a relatively minor injury your vet can fix right up. If this happens repeatedly, the dew claws can still be surgically removed in adult dogs.