pest patrol

We think of summer as peak flea season, but fall brings with it a surge in pest populations. For pet owners who live in warm, humid climates, every season is flea season!

Fleas are a scourge. They cause discomfort — especially in flea-allergic pets and people — and they can spread disease. Finding a flea in your house is a telltale sign of infestation, and to understand why, let’s brush up on a little bit of flea biology.

When your pet goes outside and picks up a flea, that flea immediately begins feeding and mating. Within 24 hours, the flea is ready to lay 40 to 50 eggs a day in your home. By the time you find one flea in your house, hundreds of larvae are likely already in your carpets and between floorboards just waiting to emerge. Even if you start your pet’s flea treatment the day you see a flea in your home, you’ll still probably be battling these pests for the next four to 12 weeks.

However, avoiding flea infestations is easy — just beat fleas to the punch by protecting your pet. With so many flea preventives on the market, there is no excuse. Talk to your veterinarian about topical, oral or wearable options, and then choose a product that fits your family’s lifestyle. Once you’ve chosen the perfect product, set a reminder on your smartphone’s calendar so that you never miss a dose. Then sit back, relax and enjoy a flea-free fall!