play by the rules

Yorkshire Terrier puppy header image | Playtime rules
When it comes to choosing toys for your furry friends, think quality over quantity. You may think a particular plaything looks appealing, but it could be harboring hidden hazards. When selecting pet toys, carefully consider these tips to keep frolicking fun and fiasco-free:
Safety first: Be sure to monitor play with certain toys, particularly if your pet has a destructive history. Many toys contain small parts (such as eyes or buttons) that can be swallowed. Cat toys with strings should be stored out of paw’s reach — strings can become dangerous linear foreign bodies if ingested. Heavily dyed toys or those coated with flame retardants should be completely avoided to prevent any possible toxic side effects.
Go green: Consider ecofriendly toys, such as those made from natural or recycled materials. While “green” toys aren’t necessarily always safer, they are more likely to be free from toxic chemicals and other harmful substances (and of course, they help reduce your carbon paw-print).
Size matters: Teeny toys can be downright dangerous for large breed dogs, as they can turn into choking hazards or foreign body obstructions. Likewise, a giant rope toy that is too heavy to haul won’t make for much
fun if your dog is delicate. Check each toy’s packaging for size recommendations before bringing it home.

Consider play style: Each pet has its own “play personality.” Is your cat a stalker or a pouncer? Does your dogprefer to retrieve or chew? Maybe your pets would rather cuddle with a stuffed animal than chase a toy
in the backyard. Be sure to take your pet’s preferences to heart.