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Expert pet health tips purr-fect for any walk of life from Petplan’s team of veterinary experts.
  • crack a smile
    You’d think that if your pet broke a tooth, you’d know it right away, but that’s not always the c...  
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  • beyond bad breath
    You may think your pet’s foul breath just interferes with your time together (no kisses, thank you!), but it ...  
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  • debunking declawing
    For cats, scratching is an instinctual activity. It helps them sharpen and condition their claws, as well as mark t...  
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  • check out rehab (therapy!)
    If you’ve had orthopedic surgery, you know how important postoperative rehabilitation is. But did you know th...  
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  • simple cut care
    Seeing your pet hurt is upsetting, so mastering basic first aid for your furry friends’ cuts and scrapes may ...  
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  • take a complement
    Holistic or “alternative” veterinary medicine focuses on four-legged patients as a whole, and generally...  
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  • incision instruction
    After a surgical procedure, four-legged friends often need plenty of TLC. Although cuddles and kisses will certainl...  
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  • kids pawsome playmates
    Children and pets seem to go hand in paw, but some pet parents worry that having pets around children may be unhygi...  
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  • too close for comfort
    A small dog’s bark is often bigger than his bite – but the little mouth it comes from can be the source...  
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  • distressing signals
    Does your dog ever sound like she’s turning into a goose? An intermittent honking cough may mean that she has...  
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  • tipping the scales
    Keeping your pint-sized pooch in shape is no small task. Toy breed dogs can pack on ounces just like their larger c...  
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  • play by the rules
    When it comes to choosing toys for your furry friends, think quality over quantity. You may think a particular play...  
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  • is raw wrong?

    There is a lot of hype these days about raw food diets for our pets. Advocates say that feeding a raw di...  

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  • appetite for disaster

    If your dog or cat just can’t seem to stop scratching, the culprit could be in an unlikely place &...  

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  • the fuss about fish oil

    Should you be adding fish oil to your pet’s food? To begin, let’s take a step back and exami...  

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  • carnivores or cornivores?

    Lately, corn has been getting a bad rap — but is it justified? When it comes to corn as an ingredi...  

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