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Expert pet health tips purr-fect for any walk of life from Petplan’s team of veterinary experts.
  • milking it

    Giving cats milk seems as natural as feeding hay to a horse, thanks in part to movies and other media, b...  

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  • diving into feline urinary tract infections and inflammation

    Most pet parents don’t pay much attention to their cats’ bathroom habits. Until they start n...  

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  • bladder blues

    A friend called me the other day about her housebroken young d...  

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  • kidney concerns

    Your pet’s kidneys have many jobs. From conserving water by concentrating the urine, to stimulatin...  

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  • drinking like a fish

    If you feel like you’re refilling your pet’s water dish more often than usual, you may want ...  

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  • weight in the water

    It’s not hard to imagine that a little stone tumbling around your pet’s bladder would cause ...  

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  • eying up feline herpes virus

    If your feline friend is bothered by recurring conjunctivitis, feline herpes virus (FHV-1) may be to blame. FHV-1 is ...  

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  • love is blind

    There are many conditions that can cause blindness in our furry friends. Some pet parents find blindness in their fou...  

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  • night vision

    A walk with the family dog can be a healthy, relaxing activity. But when it happens after dark, it’s essential ...  

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  • off color

    Can canines see colors, or are they stuck in a black-and-white world? The answer is, well, not black and white. Our p...  

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  • aging gracefully

    Even people with perfect vision often need glasses as they get older. Of course, spectacles aren’t an option fo...  

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  • crash into me
    While our pets may seem at times a bit “thick-skulled,” they too are susceptible to brain injuries such as c...  
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  • lose your distemper
    One of the core vaccines both dogs and cats receive is the distemper vaccine. From their first visit as a puppy or kitte...  
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  • dressing for seasonal success
    Dogs love having jobs. These “jobs” can be as complex as search and rescue missions or as simple as performi...  
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  • shakes and quakes
    It can be normal for pets to occasionally shake, rattle and roll, especially when they are frightened or cold. Shivering...  
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  • tricks for treating
    For some of us, exercising is a chore, but this is not the case for our pets! Best friends relish the chance to exercise...  
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