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Expert pet health tips purr-fect for any walk of life from Petplan’s team of veterinary experts.
  • a happy holiday tail

    You can’t speak for the mice, but all the other creatures in your house are definitely stirring. In fact, if so...  

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  • cause and eject

    Oh, the joys of pet parenthood. Everybody’s finally housebroken and you come home to fresh barf on the new livi...  

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  • walking in a winter not-so-wonderland
    Winter time isn’t just tough on us; it’s also tough on our pets. For dogs that go outside, protecting their ...  
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  • shooting from the hip

    Anybody heard of canine hip dysplasia? (Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place!...  

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  • making a kitten-proof plan

    How could anything so tiny and cute get into so much trouble? Kittens can be high-maintenance, but they’re well...  

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  • urban potty adventures
    When you gotta go, you gotta go. But that’s easier said than done when you’ve got four paws in the heart of a sprawling ...  
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  • itching for fall
    Autumn is actually the peak time for ragweed and mold spores, which are common allergens for two and four-leggers alike....  
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  • diagnosis leptospirosis
    When dogs venture into the wild, they can encounter well-known dangers such as rabies, heartworms and Lyme disease. A le...  
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  • making a stink
    The outdoors abounds with amazing opportunities for your pets to explore and have fun. Occasionally, though, your dog ma...  
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  • off-leash etiquette
    Dog parks are becoming more common in large and small cities alike, and for good reason — they offer an excellent opport...  
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  • Before they're long in the tooth
    Dental medicine in cats and dogs has progressed enormously in the past 10 to 20 years. And while we’ve made fantas...  
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  • the big snip

    Nowadays, most pets adopted from rescues are spayed or neutered before adoption. But 30 years ago this wasn’t t...  

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  • crate and barrel

    To crate train or not to crate train, that is one of the many questions pet parents face when they bring home a new p...  

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  • just a spoonful of sugar

    While Paris Hilton and Beverly Hills Chihuahua may have helped popularize toy-breed dogs over the past few years, man...  

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  • parvovirus – the vaccination/socialization conundrum

    Canine parvovirus, or “parvo” as it is commonly called, is one of the most significant health threats to ...  

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  • house of sand

    Ever notice a day at the beach is typically followed by days upon days of finding sand, well, everywhere? While Fido ...  

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