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Expert pet health tips purr-fect for any walk of life from Petplan’s team of veterinary experts.
  • when to call the vet: recognizing a real emergency
    The first rule of being a pet parent is that it’s never wrong to call or bring your pet in to see the vet if you f...  
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  • hiking dangers
    With spring and summer upon us, many pet owners are yearning to hit the trail with their pets. While this is a great way...  
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  • under the tuscan sun

    Whether you spend your summers in Italy or Iowa, long summer days can mean sunburn. “Sunburn? My dog? But he's ...  

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  • pill popping
    I think by now we’ve all seen the funny email detailing how to pill a cat (Step 3 is “After retrieving the p...  
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  • persistent pests - removing ticks
    There are still two things that turn my stomach a little bit; maggots and ticks. I CAN deal with them but I don’t ...  
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  • is there a doctor in the house?

    Finding a veterinarian when you’re traveling can be tricky — how do you know they’ll take the same ...  

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  • painfully aware: knowing when our pets are in pain

    Our main priority as responsible pet owners is to give our four-legged companions ...  

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  • signs of bloat
    Bloat is one of the true medical emergencies. While “being bloated” may sound harmless enough in people, in ...  
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  • swelter shelter
    As much as most of our dogs seem to love the sun and being outside, summer can pose grave threats to their health, such ...  
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  • thinking global? act local.
    Depending on your destination, traveling abroad with your pet can be a little tricky. Typically, there are specific prot...  
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  • seasonal allergy tips
    Similar to hay fever in humans, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies too. Whether it is to a certain type of pollen o...  
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  • get along swimmingly

    When the dog days of summer are upon us, many of us will be planning a few days at the beach. So, get ready for sun, ...  

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  • think outside the litter box

    Privacy is every cat’s prerogative. So if you’re like most kitty parents, what happens in the litter box ...  

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  • motion Commotion
    Traveling with pets can be wonderful…as long as your pets travel well! The most common problems are motion sickne...  
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  • southern exposure

    Winter in northern climates presents a bevy of health hazards for pets. From antifreeze to snow bl...  

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