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Petplan helps you say goodbye to unexpected vet bills.

Petplan pet insurance helps you afford the best possible care for your pet. What's more, using pet insurance is simple, too! Once your pet is insured with Petplan, should an accident, injury or illness occur, just follow these three easy steps to get reimbursed: 

Step 1 Get treatment

If your pet has an accident or falls ill unexpectedly, don’t hesitate because of potential, unforeseen costs. Petplan can help with the bill.*

Step 2 File a claim

With Petplan, filing a claim couldn’t be easier. Login to your policyholder account and download your personalised one-page claim form, pre-filled with all your policy information and barcoded for fast processing. Complete and sign your form, and then fax, email or mail it to us with your receipts. Or use our handy app!

Step 3 Get reimbursed

All claims are typically reimbursed within five to 14 days of submitting your completed claim.

Top five questions asked about Petplan pet insurance:

1 Can I use my current veterinarian?

Yes! Petplan allows you to use any licensed veterinarian anywhere in Canada or the U.S. So, if you are out of town or on vacation with your pet, you can still claim for a visit to the veterinarian.

2 Will you reimburse me what my vet charges?

Yes! If your pet has an accident or falls ill unexpectedly, Petplan will reimburse you what your vet charges, including the exam fee, based on the policy, co-pay and deductible you have chosen. No complicated benefits schedules. No “usual and customary” fee limits. Just straightforward reimbursement of your vet fees, plain and simple. 

3 Do I have to pay extra to have hereditary/congenital/chronic conditions covered?

No. With Petplan, coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions are included on all plans as standard.* That’s the Petplan advantage.

4 Will my pet's pre-existing conditions be covered?

Like all pet insurance providers, pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage under Petplan pet insurance policies. However, we recognize there are two types of pre-existing conditions: those that can be cured, and those that cannot be cured. Some examples of a curable condition include, but are not limited to: respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, vomiting, diarrhea and bladder infections. If your pet has experienced a curable condition prior to enrolling in a Petplan pet insurance policy, the condition, while pre-existing, may be eligible for coverage after an exclusionary period. For more information, please review our frequently asked questions.

5 Do Petplan policies cover routine care?

No, Petplan pet insurance policies do not cover routine care. Our more than 40 years of experience shows us that insurance for regular, scheduled treatments can come at the cost of coverage of your pet’s unexpected, and sometimes critical, health care costs. Our policy is designed to give you the most comprehensive protection against unexpected vet bills for injuries and illnesses.

For more information about Petplan’s comprehensive pet insurance plans and fast claims processing,  check out more frequently asked questions.

If you want to protect your pet, get a quote!

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