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Paying claims is our claim to fame.

As pet parents, we understand firsthand that big vet bills can break more than the bank; they can potentially break your heart.

Not only is everyone who works at Petplan a proud pet parent, all our licensed claims adjusters are also fully trained veterinary technicians. That means that anyone at Petplan handling claims can speak your vet's language. This helps us process your claims swiftly and accurately, reimbursing you the fullest amount possible.

How we handle claims:

1 Processing your paperwork

Claims are entered into our system (and visible on your online portal) within one business day of being received. Providing your claim form is completed and signed, and we have all the supporting invoices and two years of your pet's medical history, your claim will be forwarded to our licensed adjusters for assessment. For fastest claims processing, please submit your claim by fax.

2 Assessing your claim

One of our licensed adjusters, who is also a fully trained veterinary technician, will review the claim for your pet’s treatment. If we are missing any supporting materials for your claim, we will send you an email notifying you that your claim needs attention before it can be processed.  The status of your claim in your policyholder account will note that attention is required. Items that could delay your claim include: unsigned claim forms, missing invoices, proof of payment for your pet’s treatment and incomplete medical records.

3 Paying your claim

Providing we have all of the necessary claims documents (signed claim form and all supporting invoices, receipts and medical records) and your pet’s treatment is coverable under your policy, your claim will be immediately forwarded for reimbursement.

For more information about how Petplan handles claims, please visit our FAQs.

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