Prevent a costly vet bill with these helpful tips to protect your pet from pests, poisons and more!

Now Ear This - Is your pet up to his ears in pain? Look out for signs of sensitive or itchy ears, which could be caused by an ear infection or mites. Download our NEW April Health Tip sheet today to get the scratch on ear mites and discover the causes, signs and symptoms of ear infections in pets – and how to treat them.

Bonus Tip: Want help keeping your best friend healthy in 2014? Bookmark this page for a monthly tip sheet full of advice and information for keeping furry friends fit.

Save the Day - April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. From simple cut care to what to do if your pet is choking, there are many ways to help your pet during an emergency. You can even get training on how to perform pet CPR!

Dealing with vomiting and dehydration instead? Mix up a HomeAid Electrolyte Replacement Fluid from Dr. Ernie Ward to help: To start, mix 4 cups water with 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp sea salt. Give 2-3 tablespoons of room temperature solution per hour to replenish fluid loss. Freeze unused portions in ice trays for future use, or store in the refrigerator for up to three days. Seek veterinary attention for any pet that is experiencing repetitive, unrelenting vomiting.

Bonus Tip: What to pack in your pet’s first aid kit

A Matter of Lyme - May is the peak month for ticks, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to protect your pets. Ticks can carry a host of diseases that are harmful to pets and people alike, including Lyme disease. Even indoor-only pets can be exposed if a tick hitches a ride inside, so be diligent about checking the whole family for ticks regularly, and keep pets up-to-date on veterinarian-recommended tick preventatives.

Bonus Tip: How to remove a tick

Vets for Pets

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Smoke Alarm - Think switching to e-cigarettes will eliminate risk for your pets? Think again. If you thought secondhand smoke was dangerous, wait until you hear about the hazards of e-cigs from Dr. Ernie Ward.

Sibling Squabbles - Wondering why your furry housemates just can’t get along? Learn what is – and isn’t – normal when it comes to dueling dogs, and how to cope with conflict, at the Vets for Pets Blog.

On The Cat Walk - Leash training isn’t just for pups anymore. Discover how to leash train your cat so she can enjoy the health benefits of exercising in the great outdoors.

The Final Fur - In March, Petplan proudly launched our first Tournament of Tails: Sweet 16 Shelter Pet Challenge, a March Madness-inspired bracket of adoptable pets from animal rescues, shelters and humane societies all across the United States who are playing to win donations from Petplan. Each move up the bracket nets a larger donation – ranging from $100 for Sweet 16 teams to $5,000 for the championship player! Check out the latest bracket on to see which adoptable friends made “The Final Fur,” and vote for your favorite to win $5,000 to help their shelter!

Wear and Care - Every day, some 9,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in America's shelters because they don't have a safe place to call home. Now you can make a difference in the lives of shelter pets – and look great doing it – with a T-shirt that supports a great cause. Purchase a “Save Them All” tee from, and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization working to end the killing in America’s shelters.

Whistle While You Work
- The Whistle Activity Monitor collects data on your dog 24/7, sending updates to your phone that provide key insights into your dog’s activity, rest periods and overall health and wellness.

What Does The Fox Say?
- Furry friends will woof in delight for this stuffing-free fox toy made from boiled wool and colored with Earth-friendly non-toxic dyes.

You Name It - Spruce up your pet’s collar and say goodbye to clinking metal with these easy to clean, laser cut acrylic pet tags.

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All in the Genes - Doggie DNA testing isn’t just to see what wonderful breeds make up your pup – it is also being used to develop new therapies for cancers, which could pawsitively impact both man and man’s best friend.

Windy City Win - In March, Chicago became the latest big city to pass anti-puppy mill legislation, outlawing Chicago stores from selling dogs, cats or rabbits obtained from large-scale breed operations and restricting city animal sales to pets sourced from government pounds, rescue operations or humane societies. See why pets sold in stores can lead to problems.

Slippery elm is a slightly sweet ingredient that can settle sensitive or inflamed mucous membranes that aid the digestive tract. When combined with pumpkin – a great fiber source – and the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil, this recipe from Dr. Ernie Ward makes a healthy digestive treat for cats.

Purrfect for Pumpkin

You'll need:
1 tsp canned pumpkin
1/8 tsp slippery elm powder (available at health food stores or online)
1/4 tsp fish oil (from a reputable source)

To make this recipe:
Mix the slippery elm powder with a small amount of water, just enough to make a jelly-like consistency. Combine with the pumpkin and fish oil. Makes 1 serving. Approximately 18 calories.

Note: If trying new things puts you and your finicky feline on a “slippery” slope, try mixing the treat with a small amount of your cat’s favorite canned food or add tuna juice.

Remember to keep treats to less than 10 percent of your pet's daily caloric intake to maintain a healthy diet.

Check with your veterinarian before trying a new recipe for your pet, to ensure your efforts – and your furry friends! – are appropriately rewarded. For more inspiring ideas, click here.

Tag Along - Taking advantage of the warmer weather to road trip with your best friends? Before you go, create a special collar tag that lists both your cell phone number and the phone number where you’ll be staying. If your pet runs off in unfamiliar territory and is found by a stranger, you’ll double your chances of a happy reunion.

“A Healing Tail”
In honor of World Veterinary Day (April 26), tell us about your pet’s favorite veterinarian (or practice) and how they helped lend a paw to your pet family during difficult times. Email your stories to by 11:59pm EDT, April 30 for the chance to win a $25 Visa gift card!

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