petplan vs nationwide pet insurance comparison

Petplan vs. Nationwide Pet Insurance Comparison

Smart pet parents know it's important to dig up all of the information you can when making decisions about pet insurance. To make things easier, we pawed through some of the major providers so you can see for yourself why Petplan is top dog.

While Nationwide offers many of the same great benefits as Petplan, it's important to compare plans and understand the differences to ensure you get a fair monthly rate, the maximum reimbursement, and most importantly, the best overall coverage for your pet.

Petplan offers the most comprehensive coverage in one simple plan

Unlike Nationwide, Petplan offers one simple plan that includes enrollment for pets of any age six weeks and older, coverage for sick visit exam fees, comprehensive periodontal disease coverage and coverage for alternative and homeopathic therapies. With Nationwide, your upper age limits for enrollment, coverage for sick visit exam fees, coverage for periodontal disease and coverage for alternative and homeopathic therapies may vary from plan to plan, depending on which policy you choose.


Petplan offers more flexible options for deductibles

With insurance, a lower deductible generally means a pricier policy. Petplan understands how important it is to find coverage that works for your pet and your budget, so we put the power in your paws to customize your own annual deductible —and lower your premium – with deductible choices ranging from $250 to $1,000. Nationwide only offers two deductible choices to customers who choose to enroll via their website: $100 and $250.


Petplan offers coverage for hereditary conditions on every policy

At Petplan, we don't exclude hereditary conditions for certain breeds on any plan, unless they are pre-existing. But at Nationwide, some plans exclude hereditary conditions by breed, such as degenerative myelopathy for Labrador and Golden Retrievers, deafness in Rottweilers, and mitral or tricuspid valve degeneration in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, to name a few.


Petplan has broader customer service hours for claims and coverage questions

Our claims app is definitely the cat's whiskers, but it's always nice to know that there are actual humans on call, too – which is why our Happiness Managers are in the office to take your calls about claims or coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nationwide offers limited call center hours, (including limited Saturday, no Sunday and no overnight hours), which reduces their ability to respond to claim and coverage questions until the office opens. In addition, Nationwide doesn’t offer the option of live chat on their website.


Petplan focuses our coverage on your pet

Nationwide is a large company that offers multiple lines of products, including retirement, investing, banking and pet insurance. Petplan focuses solely on health insurance for pets, which is part of the reason we’re an American Animal Hospital Association Preferred Provider, the preferred pet insurance provider to AARP members, and a proud supporter of respected organizations like the National Police Dog Foundation and Pets for Patriots.


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Information accurate as of March 2019.