Terms of Sale

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By purchasing this policy for your pet, you agree to the following:

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Waiting periods

Fifteen (15) days for injuries and illnesses.

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Cruciate exclusion

six (6) months for problems related to cruciates and patellas (including soft tissue injuries of the knees). If your pet has shown clinical signs of a cruciate or soft tissue injury to one knee prior to the effective date of this policy or during the first six (6) months of the policy (where no certification of knee health has been provided), then that knee, as well as the other knee, is excluded from coverage. Please refer to your policy Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Hip dysplasia exclusion

This policy does not cover costs arising out of or related to any treatment associated with hip dysplasia where clinical signs occur during the first six (6) months that the policy is in effect.

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Your policy has an annual deductible, which is a preset dollar amount that the pet parent must satisfy before insurance will pay.

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Care for your pet

As a condition of this insurance, you must take care of your pet and arrange and pay for your pet to have the following: An annual health check; an annual dental exam; and any treatment normally suggested by a veterinarian to prevent illness or injury.

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Your duties after loss

If your pet suffers a loss that may be covered by this policy, you must visit a veterinary clinic within forty-eight (48) hours after first noticing clinical sign(s) relating to an illness or injury and complete and send to us a claim form describing the loss as soon as practicable but no later than ninety (90) days after the date of treatment. This form must list the following information: your name, the description of your pet, your policy number and description of claimed illness or injury.

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First exam

In order to receive coverage, your pet must have received a medical exam from a veterinarian within six (6) months prior to the effective date of the policy or within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this policy. Your failure to have a first exam of your pet may void the policy. Any medical condition(s) or clinical sign(s) observed or recorded during the first exam, and all costs associated therewith, are automatically excluded from coverage.

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Pre-existing conditions

We do not cover the cost of any treatment or diagnostic testing for pre-existing conditions. Please refer to your policy Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Medical review

If your pet has had prior medical issues, you can request an medical review by contacting our Happiness Managers after enrolling.

Your premium may change at renewal due to adjustments to our rating factors, which includes but is not limited to age, breed and location. Your premium may change midyear if you change zip/postal codes or elect to adjust your policy limits, reimbursement or deductible. I have selected the coverage I want, and I authorize Petplan to charge my credit or debit card for payments as specified by my chosen payment plan. I understand that my policy will auto-renew at the end of my annual policy term unless I am notified, or unless I opt out. I understand that it is my responsibility to read the Terms and Conditions of my policy. Any non-disclosure or misrepresentation of information or non-payment of premium may render this policy or renewal of this policy null and void or result in cancellation.

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