"tails" from fetch!

Our pets' ability to triumph in the face of unexpected adversity is nothing short of inspiring. Petplan is proud to help protect these, and all the members of our Petplan family, come what may.

out of the blue
July 11, 2017
Cats may not always land on their feet, but they do have a way of landing in our hearts — and Wynton is no exception. This gentle feline once took a troubling tumble when a houseguest accidentally…
a shore thing
July 11, 2017
Life’s a beach during the dogs of summer — but sun and sand isn’t always fun and games. After a day at the shore, Phoebe had progressively worse diarrhea. When she started showing signs of…
cut and run
July 11, 2017
Bertha is a regular barrel of fun! Nicknamed “Piggy,” she loves to eat and hobble all over the place, purring and grunting along the way. Watching her run has to be the funniest thing,” says pet…
down to size
July 11, 2017
Though he be but little, he is fierce. Mostly. Colonel Mustard barks at squirrels and stands his ground against the postman, but he is petrified of flies and moths. His most threatening opponent,…
December 28, 2016
Bowser thinks he’s the king of the castle — mostly because he is. And one night while he was sitting on his “throne” (the couch) begging for attention, his mom Stacey noticed his belly felt bloated.…
a guardian angel
December 28, 2016
Angel’s fluffy fur is as white as snow, but it’s his wing-like ear tufts that inspired his name. And whether he’s carrying around his favorite pink sock or lounging with his humans, he certainly…