all ears

all ears
Posted by on Aug 19 2013

When it comes to competition, Spanky is all ears… so much so that this pup’s lengthy auditory organs earned him fifth place in a local ear-measuring contest!

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games for this ground-hugging hound, whose low profile and long ears often cause problems outside of his natural habitat (the couch). In this case, it was Spanky’s eyes that led the family to learn of an ear infection.

“My wife noticed he was having problems with dry eyes. When we got to the vet, they noticed the ear issue as well,” recalls Adam, who was given wipes and an ear flush solution to help clear up Spanky’s otitis externa. The family also bought a special water bowl to prevent his ears from dragging in the water.

Like most Basset Hounds, Spanky can be stubborn at times. “He’s a wonderful companion, when he’s not pretending to be deaf,” says Adam. “But really, he’s the sweetest dog you could ever imagine.” And a healthy one, too, thanks to Petplan.

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$6,079 (so far) for costs related to otitis externa, dry eye, gastroenteritis and various other injuries and illnesses

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