back in action

back in action
Posted by on Mar 23 2016

Sickness can buzz even the cutest of puppies, including the all-ears Corgi, Martha. At a few months old, she developed a urinary tract infection and wasn’t her blissful, chirping self. “She was cleared to be spayed, but afterwards she had a high fever and wouldn’t move,” says mom and Petplan claims administrator Audrey. “My vet said, ‘You have pet insurance — take her to a specialist.’”

Martha spent several days in the ER with a kidney infection and gastritis. After months of medications and monitoring, her symptoms finally seemed to have melted away, and the sparkle is back in her eyes. “This all started happening the day after her waiting period ended,” says Audrey. “By having pet insurance right away, I didn’t have to ask for other options.”


3-month-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi

lives in
Chester Springs, PA

unexpected tail
$3,797 for treatment of UTI