beating the odds

beating the odds
Posted by on Dec 04 2013

Pet health shouldn’t be a game of cat and mouse. As mom to multiple feline family members, Lauren wasn’t about to play the odds, especially when it comes to her Oriental Shorthair, Kaze.

“Kaze is my baby,” Lauren admits. “She’s incredibly attached to me — she thinks she runs the house!”

Kaze’s other claim to fame: a sensitive disposition. “Even the smallest change in her environment can make her ill; it’s led to a few minor upper respiratory infections over the years, but nothing too serious so far.”

Kaze’s biggest health scare came when she dislocated her sternum as a kitten, which thankfully didn’t throw her off her game. Still, Lauren decided to protect her with Petplan in 2008 — and was glad she did when Kaze developed periodontal disease.

While managing periodontal disease takes some work (daily brushings are highly recommended!), paying for treatment was a breeze, thanks to Petplan. The best part is, a healthy mouth means more smiles for Kaze — and more kisses for Lauren!

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$380 for treatment of periodontal disease and diarrhea

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