chews wisely

chews wisely
Posted by on May 21 2013

Like most best friends, Boo doesn’t exactly “chews” wisely — any stick or toy will do. But when he began showing signs of mouth pain, his pet parents became concerned.

Boo’s bitten into plenty of trouble over the past four years, including a $4,000 bill for treatment of a copperhead snake bite. This time, a trip to the University of Pennsylvania Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital showed Boo’s teeth were loose in the bone. The veterinary dentist recommended removing most of the teeth, and Boo lost all but his canines and four incisors.

Thankfully, after enduring sutures and a soft food diet for three weeks, Boo was given a clean bill of health — without a huge vet bill to swallow, thanks to Petplan. Boo’s mom Molly says, “It took less than two weeks to get reimbursement, which made a stressful situation a lot more positive.”

And Boo? “He plays a lot more like a puppy now,” laughs Molly. “He can still play tug-of-war with Annie [their other Golden Retriever]. And we still brush his teeth. What’s left of them, at least!”