a close shave

Posted by on Jun 27 2016

Some dogs will do anything for attention. Take Oby for instance, who thought his pet parents were taking too long to pack for their trip to the beach — and took matters into his own paws. “He decided to get the attention he wanted by jumping in the shower and taking a disposable razor,” says mom Mary.

When they found Oby with the empty shaver handle in his mouth and no sign of the blades, they left for the vet instead of vacation. An X-ray showed bits of razor blade in his stomach, which were removed by endoscopy. “We love Oby and his brother Mojo,” says Mary. “However, if Oby had been my first Golden, he would have been my last!”

4-year-old golden retriever

lives in
Larksville, PA

unexpected tail
$1,257 for foreign body ingestion