cut and run

cut and run
Posted by on Jul 11 2017

Bertha is a regular barrel of fun! Nicknamed “Piggy,” she loves to eat and hobble all over the place, purring and grunting along the way. Watching her run has to be the funniest thing,” says pet parent Jose. “She couldn’t outrun a toddler.”

Nevertheless, Bertha sprinted toward trouble one day when she took off after a deer. “Twenty minutes later she wandered back limping with a swollen leg,” Jose recalls. “We think she got hit by a car.” A surgery and a metal rod saved Bertha’s stride—but her treatment totaled over $6,000.

“Pet insurance was a major help,” says Jose. “I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise.” Happily, despite a slight limp, Bertha is back to normal. “She eats, she sleeps, she grunts. And I definitely catch her on the couch when I’m not looking!”

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$4,923 for fractured femur