dodging a dental disaster

dodging a dental disaster
Posted by on May 21 2013

With their combination of curiosity and intelligence, Siamese cats like Latte can easily find their way into (and out of) trouble. But even the quickest cats can’t dodge dental disease.

During a routine health exam, Latte’s veterinarian at Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital noticed dental disease — with moderate tartar accumulation and gingivitis. There was also some concern Latte had feline odontoclastic resorption lesions (FORLs), small erosions in the dental enamel that can become deeper over time, exposing nerves and making the lesions painful.

To combat his periodontal disease, Latte was put under anesthesia and had a thorough cleaning. A day later, he was back home, healthy and chomping away.

Since the treatment was for non-routine dental care, Petplan was able to help Lauren cover the costs. “Latte was actually the reason I signed up for pet insurance years ago,” she admits. “When Latte was 6 months old, he developed an infection in his femur that cost over $3,000 to treat. With dental health being so important and Siamese being notorious for problems, I wanted to make sure we were protected.”

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