doggone lucky

doggone lucky
Posted by on May 24 2011

The saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” In this case, it almost killed the dog. Walking in the park, Bowie found (and swallowed) half of a used tennis ball. “If it’s round and rolls, he’ll eat it,” admits his pet parent, Nelis Parts. “We were very worried initially, but he was acting fine, so the clinic sent us home.” Two months later, Bowie started looking very uncomfortable and began vomiting up blood and tennis ball. X-rays on his bowels showed a piece of tennis ball still in his system, so Bowie spent the next few nights in the hospital for observation. “He’s normally very cat-like: competent, not needy for attention,” says Nelis, “but after his trip to the hospital he spent the next couple of nights on our bed.” A few days later, Bowie was back to his disinterested cat-like self – and should be in great shape for the family cross-country ski trip this winter. According to Nelis, “He likes to travel – but he might get pretty restless after nine hours.” Hey, who wouldn’t?

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