down to size

down to size
Posted by on Jul 11 2017

Though he be but little, he is fierce. Mostly.

Colonel Mustard barks at squirrels and stands his ground against the postman, but he is petrified of flies and moths. His most threatening opponent, however, turned out to be something completely unexpected: the sofa. It just took one small leap off the couch to cause one big ouch (and one big vet bill!).

“His foot [was] like stretched elastic, it was totally floppy,” remembers mom Nicole. “He was completely lame on the leg.” After X-rays and consulting with their vet, she opted for surgery to repair the injured tendon. With rest and medications, Mustard is back to barking (and running away from those scary bugs!).

colonel mustard
8-year-old pomeranian mix

lives in
houston, tx

unexpected tail
$2,271 for injured tendon