fit for a king

Posted by on Dec 28 2016

Bowser thinks he’s the king of the castle — mostly because he is. And one night while he was sitting on his “throne” (the couch) begging for attention, his mom Stacey noticed his belly felt bloated. She took him to the vet, where he went into respiratory distress — but it wasn’t related to his upset stomach. “More likely he was so anxious that he worked himself up,” says Stacey. “I was then told Bowser had brachycephalic syndrome.”

He had surgery to correct his smooshy-faced shortcoming, and at the same time received an endoscopy to get to the bottom of his bloated belly. The culprit? Inflammatory bowel disease. Bowser now gets a special diet to tame his tummy, and Stacey is thankful his snorty snout is breathing better than ever.


4-year-old french bulldog

lives in

Moorestown, NJ

unexpected tail

$4,905 for brachycephalic syndrome, $3,810 for IBD