give and take

give and take
Posted by on Dec 04 2013

Life is a game of give and take. After two previous adopters returned Uluru (Uli) to the shelter for being too energetic, Nicole took a chance on the 8-month-old pup.

A certified professional dog trainer, Nicole saw something familiar in Uli: a workaholic without an “off” button. “I don’t think we’ve taken a day off in six years,” laughs Nicole. And although she’s the one developing a curriculum for animal-assisted therapy at Y.A.L.E., it’s Uli’s intelligence she praises.

“Uli is the smartest dog I’ve ever met. I can’t believe anyone would give up on a dog that gives so much.”

Using her training talents, Nicole transformed Uli from a dog nobody wanted into one everybody wishes they had. Uli and her Border Collie mix brother, Porterhouse, now both compete in obedience, rally and agility, and love hiking and other outdoor adventures.

Because of the injury risks athletic dogs like Uli and Porterhouse face, Nicole protects them with pet insurance. So whether at work or at play, they’ll stay in the game — and Nicole won’t have to slow down to worry about paying for treatment.

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$5,000 if uluru injuries her knee during agility training

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