growing pains

growing pains
Posted by on Jun 03 2014

A pet’s teenage years can be hard on parents, but they’re not much easier for senior furry family members like Buffy.

When her fellow English Bulldog, Wednesday, entered adolescence at 2 years old, Buffy developed dominance issues that were a striking change from her usual, happy self.

“She’s really the happiest of all my dogs,” insists mom Amity. “She loves people and is incredibly friendly, but she has been having issues keeping peace with Wednesday when I’m around.”

Unfortunately, waiting for her housemate to outgrow her teenage angst isn’t the only problem Buffy’s had to face. From alopecia to atopy, arthritis and even atypical Cushing’s disease, Amity’s budget has seen a fair share of vet bills — including a $1,300 bill for shockwave therapy, covered by her pet insurance.

While Buffy will likely need a lifetime of close veterinary care, with Petplan by her side, she’ll always have a helping paw.

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$13,229 for issues relating to alopecia, aggression, atopy and more

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