a hairy situation

a hairy situation
Posted by on Aug 28 2012

Everyone’s had a bad hair day, but for three-year-old Maine Coon Boodle, his last hair-raising adventure is one his pet parents Sonya and Robert would love to soon forget.

Cat parents (and their homes) are no strangers to hair, but for Boodle, hairballs had never been an issue. So when he began vomiting one evening and became anorexic over the next few days, his pet parents grew worried.

An ultrasound at the emergency vet’s office revealed an indiscriminate foreign body critical enough to require exploratory surgery. “We would have gone through with surgery either way,” says Robert, “but having Petplan gave us real peace of mind.” As if the large unexpected vet bill wasn’t enough of a shock, imagine their surprise when a large, elongated hairball was removed from Boodle’s small intestine!

After surgery, Boodle went through a lengthy recovery. “I actually slept in the bathroom on an air mattress with him,” Sonya recalls. But now he’s back to enjoying his favorite activity – chasing ice cubes – and reclaiming his rightful spot at the foot of the bed.

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