a lick of trouble

Posted by on Feb 28 2014

Like many pets, Zombie is no stranger to sticky situations. When he was found by Kathryn, a Happiness Manager at Petplan, in the bushes outside the office, he had clearly been living outside for some time. His thick coat couldn’t hide the fact that he was extremely thin, so Kathryn brought him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with roundworms and a grade 3 heart murmur, neither of which deterred her from giving him a home — or protecting him against future ailments with Petplan.

“Thankfully, the heart murmur has not caused any problems yet, but I keep a close eye on him and limit his exercise because it could become problematic in the future,” admits Kathryn. At home, Kathryn soon learned of her new friend’s unique traits, which involve licking envelope adhesive (a habit she tries to deter) and scratching anything he can get his claws on, including her boyfriend’s guitar amp… appropriate for a feline whose loving personality has made several formerly “dog-only” people change their tune.

unexpected tail
$5,000 if Zombie's heart murmur leads to congestive heart failure

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philadelphia, pa