life can be ruff

life can be ruff
Posted by on May 23 2011

It’s not easy being a pet parent. Just ask Chris Baldwin and his Pug, Bugsy. Two years ago, Bugsy managed to find and eat an entire pack of chewing gum. The discarded outer wrapper (and Bugsy’s fresh breath) was the only evidence left behind. Expensive emergency treatment was needed to save Bugsy’s life. A few months ago, vomiting and diarrhea led Chris to believe Bugsy had a viral infection, but a trip to the vet revealed much more – a minor bout of pancreatitis! “Considering he was perfectly housebroken, there was no doubt there was something wrong,” says Chris.

As he continues to age, Bugsy, like many Pugs, may face other unexpected health problems, such as urinary tract infections, obesity, patellar luxation or corneal ulcers, which is why Chris is glad to have Petplan at his (and Bugsy’s) side. “He’s more than just a dog – he’s family – and with or without pet insurance I would have done the same thing. But having Petplan there to count on really takes the financial concerns out of the picture.”

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$1,236 for foreign body removal and pancreatitis

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