making cents

making cents
Posted by on Feb 08 2013

When it comes to playtime, especially Frisbee®, Chloe doesn’t fool around. But when this pint-sized Pomeranian accidentally ingested a dime, the result was an emergency trip to the vet and a $3,000+ hospital bill that was anything but fun and games. That’s when Chloe’s pet parents looked into dog insurance from Petplan pet insurance. “She’s always trying to eat things off the ground,” admits mom Nicole, “so we really have to be careful.”

Nicole’s previous dogs were larger breeds, but all of them have been like kids to her. “We’re very attentive to Chloe. We take her to our shore house; we spend all of our time with her. My mom even treats her like her grandchild!”

But don’t let Chloe’s small stature throw you off your game. “She knows what she wants, and she knows what she can get out of us,” laughs Nicole. “For my husband, that means getting treats. For me, she knows she has to stay disciplined!”

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$3,000 for surgery to remove an accidentally ingested dime

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