making a splash

Posted by on May 25 2012

When it comes to aquatic interests, cats and water usually don’t mix. But that’s not so with Riley.

“He’s not shy around water,” laughs his pet parent, Staci. “He’s even hopped into the bath before!”

While Riley doesn’t mind getting wet behind the ears, he didn’t enjoy dealing with an ear condition called otitis externa (swimmer’s ear) that he developed last summer, which led to almost $1,000 in vet bills.

It wasn’t Riley’s first swim with health issues. Two years ago, he developed a persistent cough, which caused Staci concern. Having spent over 20 years working in a veterinary hospital prior to joining Petplan pet insurance as the Veterinary Services Manager, she knew it wasn’t a symptom to take lightly. When diagnostics confirmed Riley was suffering from feline asthma, he was given bronchodilators and prednisone, a steroid – both of which Petplan helped cover. Today, Riley is off meds and fully healthy.

“He’s the best cat ever,” beams Staci. “It literally says that in his medical records. And after spending so many years without it, I’m so grateful to have pet insurance to help with the big vet bills.”

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$3,946 for feline asthma and otitis externa

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